New gallery group "Birds"

badderende mussen, bathing sparrows

In the past period I was working on the theme assignment for the art route. Every year, the organization of ArtKring BeeKk's Art and Atelier Route looks for an interesting or up-and-coming theme for the next art route. This time the theme was "water".

Each participating artist is then asked to hand in a work in a given format that fits that theme. Every time a challenge

Usually I do not have something ready in the right format. Perhaps the right theme, but not in the 50x50 or 60x60 format, as requested this time. This is not that bad either, because an assignment always stimulates my imagination so that I can think of something.

So also now I had an idea that can be made on that canvas and what fit in the theme. Now I always have subjects in mind that I want to work out again and wait for a suitable time. and there is still a lot that I have not painted yet.



Where do I usually get my inspiration from?

When it comes to an assignment, it comes from my daily life or my trips, where I am struck by what I see, and it offers enough space for my imagination. To paint, I need an emotional bond with my piece of work, so I like to associate with what interests me. Now it happened that I am just reading a book that my brother has written and that is how things came from one idea to another.

It would be a herring gull resting on the water. My girlfriend and I like to go to the beach for so much time and then spend an afternoon there, enjoying the sea, the finds on the beach, the water the skies and the birds. In this way we can relax completely and we realize how precious nature is.

In the past I also went out weekly with the CJN. (Youth Association for Nature Study), but did not make it my profession, nature study, as many other CJN'ers did. For example, this time I was reading that little book about the research on the herring gull, so that offered inspiration for combining it with the BeeKk assignment. This book contains a lot of interesting information about the life of the herring gull. Really nice and instructive to read about. But I am not exactly a scientific researcher, but more someone who has stopped painting in the experience of nature. I want to interpret and represent the experience, all while painting. I can think of and feel or philosophize about everything. But I want to paint it like that, and in my own way, explore nature, color and elements so that the feeling also comes through in my work.

I like to make use of what happens to me, so when another artist offered me another 60 x 60cm blank, which she still had because it did not work to carry out the assignment, I liked to take it from her. to. And, yes, then I like to make a kind of "set" of two identical canvases. And so, the second herring gull originated.

In the context of painting around the theme of water and with a view to the two days that my studio was open to the public, I also liked to paint my bathers on a piece of self-tensioned canvas. And with that I went back again with pleasure to a day when I was on holiday in Germany. And where I had seen these five sparrows, so "cozy", paddling at the edge of a lake. With that, the total number of paintings with birds had increased again. And when I put my signature under the freedom loving gull I decided that it was time for a new gallery category on my website.

I wish you a lot of fun watching the birds. And, do you know or know someone with an empty wall, which is completely suitable for one of these birds, please feel free to contact me.

The swimming herring gull can still be seen for a short moment in "Het lichtruim" in Bilthoven.

(untill 27th june)

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